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Elsie & Others

price £2.00

True stories include

  • Elsie Kirkham and life in Kimberley, Nottinghamshire around the time of World War 1

  • Policeman Stanley Birkin and the bombing of the “Lyn Well” light-ship in the English Wash.

  • The Soldier boy in the early 1800s who was pensioned off and walked 20 miles from Kimberley to Derby Barracks for his pension every month for 50 years

  • The young footballer who died during a Kimberly football cup tie and the appalling behaviour of the team that made the final.

  • Eileen Smith’s memories of blackout curtains, gas masks and war time evacuees.


by Ztan Zmith & Brian Walker

- the untold story of a prolific Nottingham artist Price £2.50

Marjorie C Bates was the daughter of a New Basford, Nottingham, man and her work was displayed in Paris salons, at the Royal Academy and in major English Art Galleries.

A distant cousin of Dame Laura Knight, Marjorie was a compulsive traveller visiting Africa and hundreds of villages, towns and cities throughout England and Europe. Wherever she went she would sketch scenes that caught her eye often producing as many as nine images of the same subject.

Her sketches, when colour-washed, became best selling postcards which today are very collectable. Some of her drawings were gathered together and published in book form with titles such as “London Landmarks” and “Old Nottingham.”

When not travelling Marjorie was content to spend time at home in the peaceful village of Wilford tending her bees and flowers before setting off on yet another foray.

Price £2.00

Marion and Nora, the remarkable Selston Twins, celebrated their 100th birthday on 7th November 2012 and received congratulation cards from HM The Queen.

Marion Warner, a well respected teacher, was coaching pupils into her late nineties - which is perhaps not surprising when you consider that her grandmother and mother were both schoolteachers.

Her sister, Nora Langton, was a Social Worker with many an interesting story to tell. As different as chalk from cheese the twins remain very close.

Their father, Percy Langton, a joiner, cabinet maker and undertaker, was also a churchwarden and his great friend was the Vicar of Selston, the Revd Edward Dunnicliffe.

St Helen’s, Church The Inkerman Inn, Bagthorpe School and its caretaker are all bound up in the fascinating story of the remarkable Selston Twins.