The Basford Bystander

The Basford Bystander

Ztan is also Editor of the Basford Bystander, a Community Newspaper devoted to Nostalgia, Local History and memories from folk (and ex-pats) about Basford in Nottingham and the surrounding area. The Basford Bystander is published every other month at 35p per copy.

An Annual Subscription of £5.00 (6 x 35p per copy plus p&p) sent to Christine Smith, The Circulations Secretary, at the address below will ensure that Basford Bystanders for the year (six issues) will be mailed direct to your home address.

            Alternatively and especially for Overseas readers - the Basford Bystander can be sent in pdf format direct to subscribers by e-mail. Please e-mail for details of this service and a sample copy. This alternative represents a huge savings on postal costs, which were £1.55 some time ago per overseas mailing and set to increase in May 2012.

Stan (Editor) and Christine Smith (Circulations Secretary)

44 Cherry Tree Close, Brinsley, Nottinghamshire NG16 5BA  

Phone 01773 783009       e-mail

For more information please go to the Basford Bystander Web Site at